North Fork Gift Company, The Best of the North Fork

COPIA Granola products will be part of the North Fork Gift Company’s offerings. We are honored to be part of the wonderful, delicious and unique products offered by the North Fork Gift on-line website.IMG_2800

About North Fork Gift Company,

Parodying Nicole Tumilowicz, Owner of North Fork Style, Inc & Founder of North Fork Gift. “The site was born out of her love for the East End of Long Island. When searching for local gifts to send to business contacts, family and friends, She wanted to share her love and pride of the North Fork. There was no local site to shop all the wonderful home grown wares the island holds. And that’s where North Fork Gift comes in! She has curated all the best the North Fork has to offer. For her friends who have moved away and ask her to ship their favorite local goodies, to businesses looking for a creative and unique gift basket, to locals who want to show their pride – it’s finally all in one spot!”

Check out North Fork Gift Company, to order the best products from the North Fork of Long Island, New York.

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